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About Aeromath

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Here at AeroMath we know what it takes to build helicopter-ship operational capacity because we like it. We believe we are at the forefront of novel technologies – not just what we do for our customers, but also in the way we aim to drive industry developments. A few solutions we can provide to realize maximum operational capacity for your helicopter-ship combination:

  • Tailored guidance on helicopter-ship interface testing
  • Help to plan, implement and de-risk your helicopter-ship interface testing
  • Advice on the right technologies to support your needs
  • Professional advice, services and support at the right level for your organisation
  • Class-room training courses and work-up training in full-motion flight simulators

Put simply, at AeroMath we have the technology, people, processes and experience you need to ensure success of your helicopter-ship qualification test campaign. Welcome to your new partner.



Predictive Analysis Tool

The SHOL-X predictive analysis tool, validated during the helicopter-ship qualification process of the NH90 NFH across the entire Dutch fleet, is now commercially available.


The Course

The recent Helicopter-Ship Qualification Short Courses in Amsterdam were all very well received by it's participants. The next training course will be scheduled for fall 2018.


Simulator Training

As a practical follow-on to the theoretical course, work-up training in the NH90 NFH simulator in Sesto Calende (Italy) is provided to maximize efficiency of any subsequent sea trials.


Nice to Know

Helicopter-Ship Qualification Testing is also referred to as Ship Helicopter Operating Limit (SHOL) trials, First of Class Flight Trials (FOCFT), Helicopter-Ship Interface Testing (HSIT), or Dynamic Interface Trials.


Asian Rotorcraft Forum

AeroMath is honored to have presented a technical paper during the 6th Asian-Australian Rotorcraft Forum held 7-9 November 2017 in Kanazawa, Japan.


"A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it is built for"

Albert Einstein


It has occasionally happened that either due to prevailing weather conditions, ship availability or helicopter availability, the limits of the helicopter-ship combination could not be fully explored, thereby restricting the operational capability. The goal of AeroMath is to make available a novel test methodology that can be used for optimizing cost and time efficiency of helicopter-ship qualification testing without reducing safety. For this purpose, the so-called "SHOL-X" test methodology has been established, which includes the associated predictive software tool as developed during the doctoral research project.

The main advantage of the new test methodology, aided by the presented predictive tool, is that the operator can perform early evaluation of safety limits for helicopters operating on ships in a wide range of in-service conditions. In this way the qualification process is less dependent on the successful outcome of solely qualitative assessed test points during dedicated sea trials. As such, the test methodology can be used to allow a well-considered assessment of the gap between the safe flight envelope, as determined by the helicopter manufacturer, and the user-defined operational flight envelope for a particular helicopter-ship combination.


Book Review

For the book review in the January/February 2017 issue of Vertiflite by the American Helicopter Society (AHS) click the link below:


Honors and Awards

The innovative test methodology has successfully been applied since 2011 during numerous helicopter-ship qualification programs world-wide and received awards at international conferences.